Postgraduate supervision

All my previous and current postgraduate students, with thesis titles.

Current students

  • Neil Watson: “Player and team performance evaluation in rugby union”
  • Emmanuel Kabuga: “Applications of machine learning in ecology”
  • Nonhlanhla Luphade: “Automated classification of Hainan Gibbon call types using deep learning”
  • Sky Cope: “Resource allocation for emergency medical services”

Past students

  • Dieudonne Kantu (2022): “Simplified methods for portfolio decision analysis”
  • Tino Madzingira (2022, distinction): “Individual animal identification by automated photo matching”
  • Charles Houston (2022, distinction): “Fine Tuning Deep Speech to Dysarthric Speech”
  • Nakkita Lungoomeah (2021, distinction): “Counting objects in images using deep learning”
  • Temweka Chirwa (2021): “Detecting and isolating prey capture events in animal-borne video”
  • Saadiyah Mayet (2021): “Resource constraints in an epidemic: A goal programming and mathematical modelling framework for optimal resource shifting in South Africa”
  • Alex Conway (2020): “Deep Neural Networks for Video Classification in Ecology”
  • Bantu Halam (2020): “Mining a large shopping database to predict where, when, and what consumers will buy next”
  • Emmanuel Kabuga (2019): “Individual photo identification of Western Cape Leopard Toads”
  • Jenicca Poongavanan (2019, distinction): “Modelling range-wide abundance patterns of moss frogs (Arthroleptella lightfooti) using acoustic monitoring data”
  • Hans-Peter Bakker (2019): “An Exploration of Media Repertoires in South Africa: 2002-2014”
  • Stiaan Maree (2019): “Natural language processing on Data Warehouses”
  • Qobo Dube (2018): “Species distribution modelling of Aloidedron dichotomum
  • Thembani Phaweni (2018): “Document classification with network based feature extraction”
  • Gciniwe Dlamini (2018): “Machine learning methods for individual acoustic recognition in a species of field cricket”
  • Georgina Rakotonirainy (2016, distinction). “Decision support for the production and distribution of electricity under load shedding”.
  • Thandulwazi Magadla (2014). “Information sharing in a large social network”.
  • Cecile Bezuidenhoudt (2013). “Optimization procedures for large-scale simulations”
  • Jon Calder. (2013, distinction). “Stochastic multicriteria acceptability analysis with simplified uncertainty formats”
AIMS Structured Masters
  • Nobuhle Mutombeni (2022): “Predicting Avalanche Risk using Environmental Covariates”
  • Lambert Kubwimana (2018): “Classifying the behaviour of African penguins from animal-borne cameras”
  • Emmanuel Kabuga (2017, distinction): “Predicting Next Purchase Probabilities using Random Survival Forests”
  • Evans Yeboah (2017): “Modelling Consumer Choice using Compositional Data Analysis”
  • Zuko Mthwesi (2017): “Using distance sampling to infer animal density and abundance of Cape long-claw species in South Africa”
  • Mamosebetsi Hlangoane (2016): “Species distribution modelling of Aloe dichotoma (quiver tree)”
  • Linda Kumah (2016): “The Value of Ordinal Weight Constraints for Decision-Making”
  • Vitalis Lagat (2015, distinction): “Community structure in the South African company network”
  • Zainab Dere (2015): “A social network analysis of the South African corporate network from 1989 to 2013”
  • Valentia Tlomatsana (2014): “SMAA-ER: Integrating the Evidential Reasoning (ER) approach with Stochastic Multi-criteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA)”
  • Georgina Rakotonirainy (2014, distinction): “The imprecise Dirichlet model for predicting consumer behaviour”