This is an list of my publications in peer-review journals and conference proceedingss. Copies of almost all of these papers are available on my ResearchGate page. If something is not available, send me an email and I’ll be happy to share it with you. My Google Scholar profile is here.


  • Durbach IN and Montibeller G (2017). Predicting in Shock: On the Impact of Negative, Extreme, Rare, and Short Lived Events on Judgmental Forecasts. To appear in EURO Journal on Decision Processes.
  • Watson NM, Durbach IN, Hendricks S and Stewart TJ. (2017). On the validity of team performance indicators in rugby union. To appear in International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport.
  • Ebert P, Smith M, and Durbach IN (2017). Lottery judgments: A philosophical and experimental study. To appear in Philosophical Psychology.
  • Durbach IN, Merven B and McCall B (2017). Expert elicitation of autocorrelated time series with application to e3 (energy-environment-economic) forecasting models. Environmental Software and Modelling 88: 93-105.


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  • Jack S, Hoffman T, Rohde R, and Durbach I (2016). Climate change sentinel or false prophet? The case of Aloe dichotoma. Diversity and Distributions 22: 745-757.
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